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ICF Building Solutions. An ICF Bondmor Company.

ICF Building Solutions, now proudly part of the ICF Bondmor Group, continues to provide expert construction consultancy, specialising in the supply of low-energy, sustainable Passivhaus (passive house) building systems. Leveraging the strength of our new company, we are committed to advancing off-site manufacturing techniques that reduce on-site waste and accelerate construction programmes.

As distributors of specialist ICF insulation products, ICF Building Solutions supplies both Insulated Concrete Formwork Blocks and Insulated Raft Foundations for Self-Builders, Architects, Developers, and Contractors throughout the UK. Our services, tailored to meet the needs of all clients within the construction industry, now come with enhanced benefits through our incorporation of ICF Bondmor. Whether you require Supply Only or a sub- and super-structure solution, our expertise can help you successfully implement ICF and insulated raft foundation systems into your project.

Our innovative off-site manufacturing methods ensure faster construction timelines, reduced on-site waste, and no pre-fabrication costs. By streamlining the design and build process, we deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions that maximise your investment and minimise disruptions.

ICF Bondmor is dedicated to fostering community growth and supporting the development of skilled labour. Through comprehensive training programmes, we empower local communities and contribute to the expansion of the construction sector. Our commitment to education and training ensures a skilled workforce ready to meet the demands of modern construction.

Our consultancy services extend to detailed engineering design, offering streamlined solutions for ICF construction. By integrating our deep expertise in traditional and modern construction methods, we provide the information, products, and services needed to deliver successful, low-energy, sustainable building projects.

At ICF Building Solutions, an ICF Bondmor Group company, we are committed to revolutionising the construction industry. Join us in building a greener, smarter future with innovative, sustainable solutions.

Product Supply

A stock distribution and logistics service for all ICF products.

ICF Materials

ICF Building Solutions are distributors of ICF products, materials and tools (for hire). Working with your team of installers, ICF Building Solutions will organise all delivery and logistics.

Supply & Install

A supply and fit service for ICF construction.

Supply & Fit

ICF Building Solutions can provide a supply and fit service for the ICF construction of your project. Working with trusted installers, ICF Building Solutions can undertake any sized sub-contract.

Design & Build

Engineering design solutions for your modern methods project.


ICF Building Solutions can provide a full consultancy and management service throughout the design of your project, guiding you through all the difficulties of ICF construction.

Project Consultancy

A consultancy service from industry specialists.

ICF Advisor

Working with many industry professionals outside of the ICF sector, ICF Building Solutions can provide consultancy for all aspects of your project, including standard methods of construction.

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Modern Methods. Traditional Values.

ICF Building Solutions have many years experience, utilising all methods of construction. In understanding multiple techniques and methods, we have turned our focus to modern methods of construction – more specifically, ICF. We believe that ICF provides the most cost effective, quickest construction and environmentally responsible practices in the industry.

The ICF Building Solutions team take a socially conscious and environmentally responsible approach to construction.

Our Clients Say,

“The team were very professional and efficient. They communicated well at every stage and were very knowledgeable about all aspects of building with ICF. The team worked long hours, even in bad weather. We would not hesitate to recommend!”


“We undertook a large multi-plot build. The preliminary work and planning took years. ICF Building Solutions were able to consult throughout the entire process, providing us with the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the project.”


Trusted Partners.

ICF Building Solutions are proud to have developed working relationships with some of the industry’s leading companies and people. Our years of experience with these partners has provided a strong network that springboards all of our projects into action.

ICF Building Solutions.

ICF construction specialists.

Supply and consultancy from inception to completion.

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