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Commercial Parade, Harrogate.

Starbeck is situated in the outskirts of Harrogate on the main road through Knaresborough, on the junction of Broughton Way and the High Street. The old pub and hotel ‘The Henry Peacock’ used to stand on this site, but has been demolished to make way for this exciting new project. The site also includes the car parking area to one side.

This new build is a mixture of residential and commercial properties, with the retail outlets on the ground floor, flats behind and above the shops on the whole of the first floor, and room in the roof for apartments on the second floor.

This is an exciting venture, and began with the demolition in June 2016. Although it is a big project, Nudura is a time effective method of building, and finished mid 2017.

Project Details.


August 1, 2017


Landmarks UK LTD.

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